Hali Pac Wins April $1000


Congrats to Hali PAC for winning our April Event. This was a battle as three top contenders battled it out. Congrats to presenters from Kaleidoscope and Halifax Race. Below is the outline of the PACMAN event.

My idea will bring smiles to every face that sees us, and bring everyone over the age of 30 back to their childhood! How, you may ask?  By turning downtown Halifax into a LIFE-SIZE PAC-MAN GAME!!!!

 This will be accomplished by beginning at Grand Parade Square, using Brunswick Street, Lower Water Street, Sackville Street, and Duke Street as the outer edges of the “game area”.  Those streets, and all the streets in between will be where “Hali-PAC” has to collect his pellets, while avoiding the four ghosts who are looking to send him the way of the Mont Blanc! 

 The game will consist of three teams of two, and will be played a total of three times.  Each team will have a turn being “Hali-PAC” and each team will have to be two of the ghosts twice.  The team acting as “Hali-PAC” will have one team member dress as “Hali-PAC” and the other member act as the controller from Grand Parade Square, telling them what streets still need to be covered by looking at the control board and the location of “Hali-PAC” via GPS. “Hali-PAC” will begin on Barrington Street, and the four ghosts will begin on Argyle Street. At the sound of an airhorn, they all set off to achieve their goal; “Hali-PAC”, to collect as many points/streets as possible, and the four ghosts, preventing him/her from getting through all the streets!  “Hali-PAC” will have three chances to try to get as many streets covered as possible, earning points for each street completed. The winner will be the team that gets the most points before the ghosts catch them three times.  Each participant will have a foam costume, which looks like their alter-egos, GPS locator and GoPro camera built in to display their position on a virtual game board to the controllers at Grand Parade.  The “Hali-PAC” costume will have a walkie talkie built in, in order to communicate with the controller at Grand Parade.

 My experience inventing things my whole life has set me up to be the perfect candidate to pull this off…I have made countless Halloween costumes out of foam already, and know exactly how to create functional, breathable foam costumes that can accommodate people running through the streets of Halifax.  I have knowledge in GPS locating, and how to create a real-time, interactive map showing Halifax and all the participants in the game.


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