Get on a Healthtember kick!


September marks the unofficial start of “getting back in the game”. It’s time to give up summer indulgences and get back to gym and back to eating healthy. To help you along, we’re teaming up with FUSION Halifax and officially renaming September to Healthtember and giving away a grant to celebrate it!

Got a great idea for how to make Halifax a more healthy, active city? Think you can motivate folks to get off the coach and onto their feet? Maybe you have a zany plan that combines foolish fun with exciting exercise. Whatever it is, if you’ve got an awesome idea for getting Haligonians’ hearts pumping, we want to hear about it!

Something else that will get YOUR heart pumping is that Healthtember is going to be a double-grant month! That’s right, we’ll be giving away two $1,000 grants on September 26. One grant will be our usual open grant for an awesome idea of any sort and the other will be for a healthy living idea. So, if you’ve submitted your idea over the past couple of months, don’t fear, it will be considered for September, as well!

Regardless of the nature of your idea, get it in, stat! All submissions for September are due by the 15th of the month. Just click here and take five minutes to tell us what you’ve got…it’s easy as pie. Ahem, or eating an apple.

Don’t have an idea, but want to join us at our Healthtember celebration? We’d love to have you! On September 26th we’ll be at Shakespeare by the Sea (Point Pleasant Park) for our grant event. Expect a few surprises, too! FUSION has a couple gems up their sleeves!

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