Spooktober Awesome Event!

Well, here we go!

It’s time to watch another Awesome idea come to life for Halifax. Wednesday, Oct. 30, from 7-9pm at the Two If By Sea Dartmouth location, Awesome Halifax will award a $1,000 grant to the most awesome of these awesome ideas!

Awesome costumes encouraged – treats guaranteed.

The finalists:

The Halifax Art Boat
submitted by: Daniel Collins

Daniel is an engineer, artist, sailor and unabashed idealist who has a crazy idea. He wants to build a boat as a community project, then make art all over it with local artists, youth organizations and our partners the Khyber.

Here’s what Daniel had to say, “After we build this awesome boat and make art on it and parade it gloriously up and down the waterfront, we’ll let artists live on it for temporary residencies! They’ll come up with beautiful sonnets and astounding paintings and then we can share them on the Art Boat along the waterfront as a gallery.  Peoples’ heads will explode.”

The plan to bring this Awesome idea to life is both simple and complicated, according to Daniel. It will take “3 to 4 moderately intelligent people about 1 month total.  So we’re going to invite anybody who is interested to help out, build it entirely in public and show off how a boat is built Nova Scotia community style”.

Playground Leadership Program
submitted by: Andrew Middleton

Research has consistently shown that using peers for conflict resolution (peer mediation), academic support (peer tutoring) and emotional support (peer helpers), can be highly effective intervention strategies as long as there is proper training, on-going supervision and support for those in the helping role.

The Atlantic Youth Playground Leadership Program was created with this in mind and adapted over countless hours of real-world application. In it, a group of older students are selected, trained and placed in leadership roles with younger students at recess and lunch.

The ultimate goals of the Atlantic Youth Playground Leadership Program are:

• Facilitate leadership opportunities for older children.
• Teach games and increase physical activity in school playgrounds.
• Reduce aggressive behaviour, injuries and vandalism.
• Increase respect for playgrounds and equipment.
• Encourage healthy active living during leisure time.
• Ensure effective use of play equipment and space.

“We would implement the program in a deserving and underfunded rural HRM elementary school,” says Andrew Middleton. How’s that for an Awesome idea?

Sleigh’er Reins
submitted by: Ian MacDonald

With winter fast approaching we know that Christmas is around the corner. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy a traditional Christmas. The gradual commercialization of the holiday has made it a time of materialism, stress and loneliness for many. In our rush to make everyone happy by buying them what we think they want, we often miss out on what really matters – being together.

Last year, here in Halifax, a group of talented musicians and friends gathered together to make a Christmas CD. They wanted to use their talents, time and energy to create a gift that would bring the magic of Christmas to life for their family and friends, so they formed a band, called Sleigh’er. Rather than put a modern twist on Christmas carols, Sleigh’er plays only the most traditional classics in the purest way. The CD is perfect to play while opening presents, eating turkey or singing along at a Christmas party.

This year they want to record a second CD. After recording, Sleigh’er wants to go caroling and spread the joy of the season throughout the city. They plan to start at the IWK, singing carols for the children and staff. Next, they’ll continue to a senior citizens home, then make their way down Spring Garden Road towards the intersection at Queen. On their way, they’ll stop periodically and invite the crowd to follow them by singing songs, giving out candy canes and finishing off with a concert in the patio area of Spring Garden and Queen (where Booster Juice used to be).

Light Lovers
submitted by: Sarah Hart

The Hart family bundles up & heads down to enjoy the dazzling decorations of the season. An annual family tradition. Last year the family wrote 50 thank you notes and hung them on their neighbours’ doors to thank them for their dazzling decorations.

” Our family wants to help share this tradition in Halifax to inspire family & friends to get together & enjoy the lovely holiday decor and to thank holiday light enthusiasts with a little local love on there doorstep,” says Sarah, one of the four Hart sisters.

To do this, the Hart family would like to increase their 50 notes to at least a thousand and get others involved in spreading holiday cheer. By starting a local social media campaign and getting these thank you note hangers into local shops for distribution the Hart family would like to see their awesome family tradition reach a wider community.


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