Awesome Halifax Mon, 28 Oct 2013 23:44:27 +0000 en hourly 1 Spooktober Awesome Event! Mon, 28 Oct 2013 23:44:27 +0000 awesome Well, here we go!

It’s time to watch another Awesome idea come to life for Halifax. Wednesday, Oct. 30, from 7-9pm at the Two If By Sea Dartmouth location, Awesome Halifax will award a $1,000 grant to the most awesome of these awesome ideas!

Awesome costumes encouraged – treats guaranteed.


The finalists: 

 The Halifax Art Boat
submitted by: Daniel Collins 

Daniel is an engineer, artist, sailor and unabashed idealist who has a crazy idea. He wants to build a boat as a community project, then make art all over it with local artists, youth organizations and our partners the Khyber.

Here’s what Daniel had to say, “After we build this awesome boat and make art on it and parade it gloriously up and down the waterfront, we’ll let artists live on it for temporary residencies! They’ll come up with beautiful sonnets and astounding paintings and then we can share them on the Art Boat along the waterfront as a gallery.  Peoples’ heads will explode.”

The plan to bring this Awesome idea to life is both simple and complicated, according to Daniel. It will take “3 to 4 moderately intelligent people about 1 month total.  So we’re going to invite anybody who is interested to help out, build it entirely in public and show off how a boat is built Nova Scotia community style”. 


 Playground Leadership Program
submitted by: Andrew Middleton

Research has consistently shown that using peers for conflict resolution (peer mediation), academic support (peer tutoring) and emotional support (peer helpers), can be highly effective intervention strategies as long as there is proper training, on-going supervision and support for those in the helping role.  

The Atlantic Youth Playground Leadership Program was created with this in mind and adapted over countless hours of real-world application. In it, a group of older students are selected, trained and placed in leadership roles with younger students at recess and lunch. 

The ultimate goals of the Atlantic Youth Playground Leadership Program are:

• Facilitate leadership opportunities for older children.
• Teach games and increase physical activity in school playgrounds.
• Reduce aggressive behaviour, injuries and vandalism.
• Increase respect for playgrounds and equipment.
• Encourage healthy active living during leisure time.
• Ensure effective use of play equipment and space.

“We would implement the program in a deserving and underfunded rural HRM elementary school,” says Andrew Middleton. How’s that for an Awesome idea?


Sleigh’er Reins
submitted by: Ian MacDonald

With winter fast approaching we know that Christmas is around the corner. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to enjoy a traditional Christmas. The gradual commercialization of the holiday has made it a time of materialism, stress and loneliness for many. In our rush to make everyone happy by buying them what we think they want, we often miss out on what really matters – being together.

Last year, here in Halifax, a group of talented musicians and friends gathered together to make a Christmas CD. They wanted to use their talents, time and energy to create a gift that would bring the magic of Christmas to life for their family and friends, so they formed a band, called Sleigh’er. Rather than put a modern twist on Christmas carols, Sleigh’er plays only the most traditional classics in the purest way. The CD is perfect to play while opening presents, eating turkey or singing along at a Christmas party.

This year they want to record a second CD. After recording, Sleigh’er wants to go caroling and spread the joy of the season throughout the city. They plan to start at the IWK, singing carols for the children and staff. Next, they’ll continue to a senior citizens home, then make their way down Spring Garden Road towards the intersection at Queen. On their way, they’ll stop periodically and invite the crowd to follow them by singing songs, giving out candy canes and finishing off with a concert in the patio area of Spring Garden and Queen (where Booster Juice used to be).


Light Lovers
submitted by: Sarah Hart

The Hart family bundles up & heads down to enjoy the dazzling decorations of the season. An annual family tradition. Last year the family wrote 50 thank you notes and hung them on their neighbours’ doors to thank them for their dazzling decorations.

” Our family wants to help share this tradition in Halifax to inspire family & friends to get together & enjoy the lovely holiday decor and to thank holiday light enthusiasts with a little local love on there doorstep,” says Sarah, one of the four Hart sisters.

To do this, the Hart family would like to increase their 50 notes to at least a thousand and get others involved in spreading holiday cheer. By starting a local social media campaign and getting these thank you note hangers into local shops for distribution the Hart family would like to see their awesome family tradition reach a wider community.



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Get on a Healthtember kick! Tue, 27 Aug 2013 12:10:27 +0000 awesome September marks the unofficial start of “getting back in the game”. It’s time to give up summer indulgences and get back to gym and back to eating healthy. To help you along, we’re teaming up with FUSION Halifax and officially renaming September to Healthtember and giving away a grant to celebrate it!

Got a great idea for how to make Halifax a more healthy, active city? Think you can motivate folks to get off the coach and onto their feet? Maybe you have a zany plan that combines foolish fun with exciting exercise. Whatever it is, if you’ve got an awesome idea for getting Haligonians’ hearts pumping, we want to hear about it!

Something else that will get YOUR heart pumping is that Healthtember is going to be a double-grant month! That’s right, we’ll be giving away two $1,000 grants on September 26. One grant will be our usual open grant for an awesome idea of any sort and the other will be for a healthy living idea. So, if you’ve submitted your idea over the past couple of months, don’t fear, it will be considered for September, as well!

Regardless of the nature of your idea, get it in, stat! All submissions for September are due by the 15th of the month. Just click here and take five minutes to tell us what you’ve got…it’s easy as pie. Ahem, or eating an apple.

Don’t have an idea, but want to join us at our Healthtember celebration? We’d love to have you! On September 26th we’ll be at Shakespeare by the Sea (Point Pleasant Park) for our grant event. Expect a few surprises, too! FUSION has a couple gems up their sleeves!

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May 2013 Winners Tue, 25 Jun 2013 11:32:45 +0000 awesome 0 A Community on the Verge Wed, 19 Jun 2013 01:52:38 +0000 awesome by: Mel Hennigar

This spring, nearly 10,000 tulips bloomed on their namesake street in downtown Dartmouth.

It all stemmed from a small patch of tulips planted in front of Sam Austin’s home on Tulip Street last spring. Planted in the mangy and often overlooked no man’s land between the sidewalk and the street, known technically as the verge, he had no idea that his small flower patch would blossom into a community wide point-of-pride.

His winning pitch was simple – he wanted to extend the brightness of the verge in front of his house to his entire neighbourhood. Thanks to the Awesome Foundation, Sam was able to bring his idea of lining Tulip Street with tulips to fruition. 

“Tulip Street has always been a tight community,” says Sam. “But you tend to know just the people on your block. Maple Street cuts Tulip Street in half, and since Maple is a busy street it truly divides the street. This project brought the whole street together. I really feel like the two blocks joined.”

The entire street embraced the project and got to know each other a bit better as neighbours and friends while collectively pitching in to dig in the dirt and plant the bulbs last fall.

Aside from just a source of neighbourhood pride, visitors from far and wide took a chance to tip toe down Tulip Street this spring to enjoy the colourful blooms.

Eleanor Bramah lives on nearby Rose Street and hopes the idea will inspire some of the other ‘Flower Streets’ in downtown Dartmouth. “The street looks incredible, it’s just lovely to walk in the neighborhood. In fact, Tyler [my husband] and I liked the idea so much we planted roses on Rose Street.”

Far from a one-off event, tulip varieties were chosen specifically for their hardiness ensuring they will bloom each year for many years to come.

As for Sam’s favourite variety? The Daydream- an apricot yellow tulip that deepens to a fiery orange as it blooms.

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Need ideas fast for St. Margaret’s Bay Wed, 12 Jun 2013 00:53:57 +0000 awesome This month is the SMB event at Shining Waters. We are looking for great ideas that will support the Bay area. Submit an Awesome idea through our website.. Closing date is coming very soon!

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In May, we’re bringing H2Awesome to the waterfronts! Tue, 07 May 2013 17:49:07 +0000 awesome Our good friends at Waterfront Development have once again stepped up to make Halifax even more awesome! We’re thrilled to announce that in celebration of World Ocean’s Day, our May grant event, H2Awesome, is a VERY special one. Together with Waterfront Development, we’ll be giving away $3,000 to ideas that bring awesomenisity the waterfronts in Halifax, Dartmouth or Bedford. One lucky recipient will receive a $2,000 grant and another will receive a $1,000 grant. The only requirement is that all ideas submitted in May must be waterfront-focused. With waterfronts like ours, how hard can that be? We’re pretty certain that the pool of ideas is, ahem, pretty deep.

Got a brilliant idea that you’re certain will make a splash? Click here to submit your idea by May 24, 2013. Want to come out and celebrate our spectacular coastline? Join us on June 5 (Ok, so the event’s not actually in May this month) from 7 – 9 pm at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic for the grant event.

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February 2013 Winners Wed, 01 May 2013 13:34:19 +0000 awesome 0 April 2013 Winner Fri, 26 Apr 2013 20:34:55 +0000 awesome 0 Hali Pac Wins April $1000 Fri, 26 Apr 2013 00:16:54 +0000 awesome Congrats to Hali PAC for winning our April Event. This was a battle as three top contenders battled it out. Congrats to presenters from Kaleidoscope and Halifax Race. Below is the outline of the PACMAN event.

My idea will bring smiles to every face that sees us, and bring everyone over the age of 30 back to their childhood! How, you may ask?  By turning downtown Halifax into a LIFE-SIZE PAC-MAN GAME!!!!

 This will be accomplished by beginning at Grand Parade Square, using Brunswick Street, Lower Water Street, Sackville Street, and Duke Street as the outer edges of the “game area”.  Those streets, and all the streets in between will be where “Hali-PAC” has to collect his pellets, while avoiding the four ghosts who are looking to send him the way of the Mont Blanc! 

 The game will consist of three teams of two, and will be played a total of three times.  Each team will have a turn being “Hali-PAC” and each team will have to be two of the ghosts twice.  The team acting as “Hali-PAC” will have one team member dress as “Hali-PAC” and the other member act as the controller from Grand Parade Square, telling them what streets still need to be covered by looking at the control board and the location of “Hali-PAC” via GPS. “Hali-PAC” will begin on Barrington Street, and the four ghosts will begin on Argyle Street. At the sound of an airhorn, they all set off to achieve their goal; “Hali-PAC”, to collect as many points/streets as possible, and the four ghosts, preventing him/her from getting through all the streets!  “Hali-PAC” will have three chances to try to get as many streets covered as possible, earning points for each street completed. The winner will be the team that gets the most points before the ghosts catch them three times.  Each participant will have a foam costume, which looks like their alter-egos, GPS locator and GoPro camera built in to display their position on a virtual game board to the controllers at Grand Parade.  The “Hali-PAC” costume will have a walkie talkie built in, in order to communicate with the controller at Grand Parade.

 My experience inventing things my whole life has set me up to be the perfect candidate to pull this off…I have made countless Halloween costumes out of foam already, and know exactly how to create functional, breathable foam costumes that can accommodate people running through the streets of Halifax.  I have knowledge in GPS locating, and how to create a real-time, interactive map showing Halifax and all the participants in the game.


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Tonight on CBC Wed, 20 Mar 2013 19:17:06 +0000 awesome Awesome Trustees Dave and Mike are on CBC at 11 pm with Yvonne. Talking Awesome cities and our number 6 ranking by Moneysense. We are coming for you WPG!

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