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Spooktober Awesome Event!

Well, here we go! It’s time to watch another Awesome idea come to life for Halifax. Wednesday, Oct. 30, from 7-9pm at the Two If By Sea Dartmouth location, Awesome Halifax will award a $1,000 grant to the most awesome of these awesome ideas! Awesome costumes encouraged – treats guaranteed.   The finalists:   The Halifax [...]

Get on a Healthtember kick!

September marks the unofficial start of “getting back in the game”. It’s time to give up summer indulgences and get back to gym and back to eating healthy. To help you along, we’re teaming up with FUSION Halifax and officially renaming September to Healthtember and giving away a grant to celebrate it! Got a great [...]

A Community on the Verge

by: Mel Hennigar This spring, nearly 10,000 tulips bloomed on their namesake street in downtown Dartmouth. It all stemmed from a small patch of tulips planted in front of Sam Austin’s home on Tulip Street last spring. Planted in the mangy and often overlooked no man’s land between the sidewalk and the street, known technically [...]

Need ideas fast for St. Margaret’s Bay

This month is the SMB event at Shining Waters. We are looking for great ideas that will support the Bay area. Submit an Awesome idea through our website.. Closing date is coming very soon!

In May, we’re bringing H2Awesome to the waterfronts!

Our good friends at Waterfront Development have once again stepped up to make Halifax even more awesome! We’re thrilled to announce that in celebration of World Ocean’s Day, our May grant event, H2Awesome, is a VERY special one. Together with Waterfront Development, we’ll be giving away $3,000 to ideas that bring awesomenisity the waterfronts in [...]

Hali Pac Wins April $1000

Congrats to Hali PAC for winning our April Event. This was a battle as three top contenders battled it out. Congrats to presenters from Kaleidoscope and Halifax Race. Below is the outline of the PACMAN event. My idea will bring smiles to every face that sees us, and bring everyone over the age of 30 [...]

Tonight on CBC

Awesome Trustees Dave and Mike are on CBC at 11 pm with Yvonne. Talking Awesome cities and our number 6 ranking by Moneysense. We are coming for you WPG!

How to sum up in a word? You know it. After Mike and Colette sent out an 8 am email asking for more money for more donors, the bucks came in. Our trustees as usual, stepped up. The community and friends stepped up. Councillor Whitman came through with $300 which put us up to $2500 at 3 pm. [...]

1 Year Awesomeversary

Join us for the 1 year Awesomeversary at the Brewery Market Courtyard. Hundreds will flock as we make our newest Thousanddollarionaire a reality. We will choose between our favorite Top 4 second placers and get their idea going. We are very excited about this, S’Mores, entertainment, Awesomezilla and more.. Please tell your friends to join [...]

Fill the City with Love (2)

Join us on February (Awesomuary) 14 to Fill the City with Love.  We will be giving out hugs, balloons, candy and all kinds of goodies in downtown Halifax. If you want to see last year’s event, head over to our FB page and check out the COLD but FUN video.. ukelele, chocolate and a hug.. [...]

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